Thursday, April 7, 2011

Evening Inspiration

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It's a calm and gentle evening here
in the Pacific Northwest.
A nice ending to a beautiful day.
The birds are singing their songs.
I wonder where the cayote lies.
Sometimes he beds in the brush near the apple tree.
Maggie is taking in all of the evening news
on the island as she sniffs the air.
The sun gently warms my toes as it too takes to bed.

I sip a cup of warm tea and think about
a design for this week's Get Sketchy Challenge.
Something with aqua blue - the color of the sky to the north.
Something with a bird like the one singing in the tree.
Something for Easter perhaps.

An Easter treasure from The Graphics Fairy.
Isn't she wonderful?!

Pull some lace from my sewing basket ...
And some felt and a button too ...
A piece of paper from my scrap binder ...
Need something round  - a doily - yes that will do nicely ...
Clip Clip ... Snip Snip ...
A little glue here and here and there ...

Taa Daa ....

May the glory and the promise of this joyous time of year

Bring peace and happiness to you

and those you hold most dear,

And may Christ, Our Risen Saviour,

always be there by your side

To bless you most abundantly

and be your loving guide.

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