Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Defining Moment

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A Defining Moment:  A point at which the essential nature or character
of a person, group, etc.,  is revealed or identified.

This photo taken many, many years ago by a high-school yearbook photographer
captures a defining moment for me.  It reveals the essence of who I am. 

I was a senior in high school - only 16 years old at the time and barely broke
100 pounds on the scale.  I had just been accepted into one of the nation's best
engineering schools which had started accepting female applicants only a couple
of years before (thank you Title 9).  I wanted to take in the fun of senior year. 
I left my musical instruments and dawned a flag for the school color guard. 
I challenged the school board to allow me to take Machine Shop so that
I could be better prepared for college engineering classes. 
I was the first female student to work a lathe in that school.
I'll never forget the (male) instructor's face when I came to class
this day and started working on my project.
I had no idea that this photo was taken until yearbook came out.
It is one of my favorite photos - it gets me.

To my loving parents -
Thank you for always encouraging me to be all that I can be,
For always reminding me to never let anyone stand in
the way of my dreams and passion, 
And for being great examples of God's shining light.

Wishing all of you find your defining moment and in that moment be blessed by Our Lord's grace,
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