Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seeking His Guidance

Pin It In the first posting on January 1st, I mentioned that my new year's resolution is to be a better steward of the many blessings Our Lord has bestowed on me.  I am turning to scripture seeking guidance on how to be a better steward.  Although I frequently engage in a daily devotional, often using inspirational readings from Christian authors, I have never been able to get through the entire Bible.  These authors of the various devotionals that I used provided wonderful thought provoking text.  This year, I'm seeking God's Word without going through any one's filter - quietly listening for His guidance.

The  One Year Bible NLT is commonly used as an easy guide without commentary to read through the Bible in one year.  This website provides a free One Year Bible Reading Plan (printable 3-page pdf) if you prefer to use your own Bible (click here: One Year Bible Reading Plan).  A Kindle version is now available for you lucky ducks who own a Kindle (click here: One Year Bible NLT).

So, how do you find Our Lord's Guidance?  Does it come from a daily devotional?  Does He speak to you in your dreams?  Does He gently guide you on your journeys or rather knock you off of your feet in an effort to gain your attention?  When He opens doors have you been prepared for those new opportunities?  Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

May Our Lord bless you today with the desires of your heart.

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