Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who's your pick?

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Today is the big day - Superbowl Sunday!  If you are like nearly every other American you will be glued to your television for three hours - unless you live in the Pacific Northwest and are tempted by a hike in the beautiful Olympic Mountains, or skiing in the Cascade Mountains, or kayaking in the Puget Sound, or sipping a latte by the fireplace at your local coffee shop. 

For my Send Love Today assignment, I made a two-sided card for a 12-year old boy in Massachusetts.  I'm sure he would have preferred his beloved New England Patriots were on one-side of the card! 

Send Love Today Superbowl Card - side 1

Send Love Today Superbowl Card - Side 2

Off for a hike with my dear husband and sweet Maggie ...  Hope your favored pick wins!

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