Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Long Dear Friends

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The Lenten season is upon us.  This year I decided to give up CANDY for Lent.  This is a BIG sacrifice for me - especially chocolate.  Chocolate is a dear, dear friend.  Always comforting. 

I have two people in my life to thank for my sweet tooth.  First, my dad who says, 'There's always room for dessert!' - and my mother always served dessert with dinner - every night without fail!  Second, my Uncle Joe who lived with us for a time when I was a child.  Seemed like every day he brought home a bag a penny candy for me!

So long, Hershey kisses - you sweet little nibbles.

So long, See's chocolates and Chukar Cherries  

So long, candied apples (wait, do you count as candy?) ...

So long, coconutty - marshmallow gooey Mallo Cups

(Yes, I do have an open box of Mallo Cups in my pantry.)
So long, licorice - my strawberry friend

My scrumptious buttery delights.

So long dear friends ... I'll see you in 40 days!


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