Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10% Tuesday: Fast Forward to February

Pin It Is it just me or did January fly by?!  My husband and I have made good progress in reaching our 10% Less resolution.  Our goal was to get rid of ten items every day (for a total of 310 for the month of January) and we moved 544 items on to a better place.  There was plenty of opportunity in my closet! 

During the month of February, I'll focus on the bathrooms, guest rooms and linen / storage closets.  Again, there's plenty of opportunity to reduce and slim down.  I'll also be focusing on my personal 10% reduction plan - losing 13 pounds this year (5 pounds in February). Fat Tuesday is not going to help - I simply can't resist those once a year Polish Pączkis available on Fat Tuesday. 

Now these are no ordinary jelly donut.  The dough is sweeter and lighter (and with a hint of brandy), and the jelly (super delicious) is stuffed into the dough to make the little ladies extra chubby.  I was first introduced to Pączkis when I worked in Detroit during the late '80s.  Detroit has a strong Polish community and these were among my favorite treats (pierogies being a close second).  When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, no one seemed to know about them (how could that be?!).  Then one day I talked to the right person who now makes them for the bakery in his Seattle markets.  I'll be first in line next Tuesday to indulge in what is now a tradition for me.

If you are not so lucky to have a Polish bakery close by, you might try making your own.  You can find a good recipe here.

How are you doing on your New Year's Resolution?  Still motivated?  Or perhaps you've already met your goal - good for you!


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