Tuesday, January 4, 2011

(Un)Deck the Halls

Pin It Seems like so many people are already taking down their Christmas tree and lights.  Not me.  I prefer to wait until Epiphany has passed.  I love Christmas lights and seeing the special holiday decorations.  Each year, my husband gives me an ornament at the start of the Christmas season.  What a special tradition - I now have eight in my collection.  I also covet my mother's and grandmother's vintage ornaments, so I don't rush to store them.  I soak it all in so that the memories of Christmas past linger just long enough to get me through to next year.
Waste Not Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations:
1.  Take pictures of any tablescapes or vignettes that you particularly liked.  Store a copy of the pictures with your decorations, then next year when you pull everything out you will have a visual reminder of where things go. Easy and stress free decorating.  Also printout any special family photos of Christmas past and store with your decorations.  Next year, you'll have photos handy to place into frames for display.
2.  Use leftover white/brown paper or tissue paper to individually wrap your ornaments.  Many shippers are using white/brown paper as filler in the boxes.  You can also use old, clean rags and such. Store small ornaments in egg cartons or clean take-out containers.  Don't forget to repair any broken ornaments before you store them; you won't fix them next year when you open the box.  Save broken ornament caps & hooks as well as extra light bulbs & fuses to replace parts in your collection.  Use leftover packing peanuts or bubble wrap to fill the empty space within the storage box and further protect your treasures.
3.  As you take off the Christmas tree lights, wrap them on large pieces of heavy corrugated cardboard from a cut-up box.  No more hairballs of lights next year!
4.  Label the storage boxes (all four sides is best) with its general content.  I like to use Red/Green markers which makes it very easy to find the boxes in the attic.  If you use plastic storage containers and live where the temperature fluctuates throughout the year, it is a good idea to place a pouch of desiccant in the container.  I save those little pouches of silica gel when I get them and then just toss them in.

Take time to properly store your holiday decorations so your special treasures are safe and sound until next year.  Remember your ornaments will be vintage treasures for your grandchildren one day.

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