Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discovering Discovery Park

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Notice anything different about me today?

I'm wearing


Wooo hooo !!!

What a beautiful day it was in the Pacific Northwest today.

The perfect day to discover Discovery Park in Seattle.

I grabbed Maggie and left my chores for a later time.

Maggie was soooooo excited!!!

A 3-mile hike at Discovery Park.

We were in search of a nurse log -
a fallen tree which, as it decays, provides ecological facilitation to seedlings.

I'm sure there are nurse logs in Discovery Park but we didn't find any.

But we did find these little beauties ...

And these sweet cherry blossoms

And these magnificant views of the Olympic Mountains

And the Puget Sound.

Even 'The Mountain" - Mount Ranier - was out!

Of the dozens of cities in the many countries I have lived and worked in,
when the sun is out, Seattle and the
Pacific Northwest are by far the most beautiful.

Wishing you a warm and sunny hike as beautiful as mine!
Update:  Linking up to
Razamataz for the Friday Pet Photo Challenge


  1. You and Maggie live in a beautiful part of our country - I hope to visit there one day. Great pictures. Ann

  2. Love the pictures. No wonder Maggie enjoys he walks with that gorgeous park. Dogs really make us get out and see the outdoors don;t they.?

  3. Looks lovely! It is finally warming up here in MT too! I can't wait for blooms to appear! :) Your dog looks like a sweetie!


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