Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Blooms!

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Spring is finally starting to show it's lovely blooms!

All of God's little creatures are singing His praises.

The frogs in the wetlands.

The herons roosting in the trees.

The eagles soaring through the sky.

The deer are back now that the trees and bushes have buds.

Today a couple even were peeking in the window this morning.

Perhaps because they could smell bacon.

My wonderful husband made the most magnificant brunch!

Poached eggs over english muffins.

Crispy bacon.

Sweet cherry tomatoes with tasty olive oil and cracked pepper.

Fresh fruit salad with drizzled honey.

Someone was very, very happy

and ate ... and ate ... and ate!

And my heart smiled.

Welcome back Sunshine!!

We missed you!

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