Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Pin It You might remember in my last post (here) that our grand-daughter, Eloise, shared her wish list with me for decorating her new room and big girl bed that is soon coming.  Nothing could have delighted me more than a little three year old asking for pillows - pink polka dot pillows!  Ideas have been swirling in my head ever since.  Her timing was perfect as JoAnn was having a HUGE sale for Memorial Day Weekend.  Thought I'd share some eye candy with you of the stash that filled my cart.  It seemed like every pink polka dot fabric in the store was singing - Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise, make me yours tonight!! 


Salmon Pink...Coral Pink

So Soft Baby Pink

Little Girl Pink

Pink Polka Dots

Little Pink Flowers

Pink Plaid


Pink Buttons

Pink Ribbon

Pink Paper

Pink Flowers

Pink Boxes

Pink Smiles

Pink Hugs

Do you have any idea what I'll be making?


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